SaraSharonEspo, is a young and emerging freelance photographer based in Florence. Born in 1988, her interest in photography began in 2008 and as self-taught she learned the basics. She participated in various group exhibitions, receiving praise for the originality of her gaze.

She works as professional in the field of cultural heritage, and chooses photography as her personal artistic means of expression. The urge to photograph becomes self-seeking, to establish boundaries between itself and the outside world, to herself and the other, in order to rediscover the unity in multiplicity.

She is firstly devoted to the enhancement of places of art, architecture and ancient works of art. Tireless traveler, she devoted herself to landscape photography, to discovery places in its manifestations both human and natural, and always looking for beauty as a bulwark of public spirit.

Her photograph of the Farnese Hercules of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples has been selected for the exhibition catalog “Serial – Portable Classic”, organized by the Fondazione Prada, and inserted within the article by the curator, the renowned national archaeologist Salvatore Settis.

Copyright Information:

All photographs found on this site are copyrighted to SharonEspoPhoto. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of photographs without express and written permission from the photographer is strictly prohibited.

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