Unsettled status

The recent manifestations of populism and nationalism in Europe are the angry expression of those who have remained outside the participatory and decision-making process. This general climate is invading Europe and is undermining one of the few certainties of the generation that grew up at the turn of the 2000s, the possibility of being European citizens. A new vision of Europe is spreading, made of closure against the opening that characterized the birth of the European project of the free movement of goods and people.

“Unsettled status” is a photographic series developed in London during the last European elections on May 23, 2019. As expected it was a victory for Farage’s party. The images try to visually reproduce the great unknown of Brexit, the paradoxical sensation of a country that, despite having chosen to leave the European project, has continued to express the right to vote, a consequence of the postponement of this exit. The feeling I focused on is that of someone living in limbo, the sense of suspension and uncertainty of this generational moment, of those who do not stop, who accelerate, even if they do not know what they are facing, and who risk crashing into something bigger.

Brexit represents the iceberg of this European climate. But the stalling of Brexit is just an excuse to “focus” on the feeling of instability and uncertainty that characterizes the current European social climate.